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When you hire a piano tuner you expect your piano to sound better when they leave right? That, of course, is my main goal, but I try to do it in a friendly and efficient manner. I also can make repairs and adjustments that your piano needs.  I suppose there are lots of other things I could tell you about what I do, but it's really pretty boring. The bottom line is that I like to make pianos sound better! I've been doing that since 1995 and I'd love to tune your piano for you!                           
My young daughter playing at a recital.  
This is the best way to contact me and set a day and time for the tuning. 

2. Cell. 531-333-2428 (You can also text me, just be sure to include your name.)

PLEASE NOTE: I screen ALL of my calls, which means I very rarely answer my phone. That may seem odd, but to keep on schedule I don't have time to answer calls during the day. So, if you do call please leave me a voicemail. Thanks!

Scott Kerns tuning a Baldwin 9' grand piano
Right now my basic fee is $120.00 which includes sales tax and there is an extra $40.00 fee for a pitch correction. What's a pitch correction? That means that the overall pitch of the piano is so low or high that one tuning will not be enough for the tuning to be reasonably stable so I'll do a rough tuning to get it basically on  pitch and then go through again and fine tune it. There are some severe cases when even two tunings are not enough. If I have to return to tune the piano again I need to charge my regular tuning fee for that visit. Go to the "A440 Pitch Source" page to try and see if you need a pitch raise.

Please email, text or call for availability and more information.                                                            
(I reserve the right, however to change my fee without notice.)
Scott Kerns tuning a Baldwin grand piano.Click here and here for examples of pianos I've tuned.

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